Our history

El Viejo Almacén is a family business, where we have been dedicated to the production of copper crafts for more than 30 years. Our main objective is to promote the crafts of Santa Clara del Cobre through our designs, quality and variety in ways of working copper.

Originally Santa Clara del Cobre was inhabited by the Purépecha people, who discovered the region's copper and developed techniques to work it, both in this town and in its surroundings, the ancient indigenous people of the region hammered the copper to create utilitarian items, ornaments such as zoomorphic bells, bezotes, earrings and other instruments such as axes and knives. With the arrival of the Spanish and to their amazement at the nobility of said metal, they collaborated together with the Indians to improve work techniques and helped expand its uses, especially in the field of war. The arrival of Bishop Vasco de Quiroga marked a very important change in the organization and progress of artisanal activities and trades.

Vasco de Quiroga taught to perfect the artisanal techniques of the natives, at the same time that he introduced new forms of production from Spain, among them, the casting technique, which endure to this day. At El Viejo Almacén we develop our own designs and we also serve designers or architects who come to us to work with their ideas, achieving together the quality and finishes that their pieces require. Committed to our clients, we always seek to satisfy their needs from delivery time, as well as respect for their work, preserving their works as exclusive pieces for them, one of our main values is responsibility.

Our products

We have different line products for decoration and utilities, from lamps to jewelry, all made of pure copper, created 100% by the experienced hands of our artisans.